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Friday, June 8, 2018

Genius Passion Projects 2017-18

Let's Have a Toast!

It's Friday, June 8, 2018 and we are nearing the end of the school year. My fourth graders are involved in many different curriculum activities. Chris asked if he could use his computer to listen to J.R.R. Tolken's The Lord of The Rings: Part One: The Fellowship Ring as he followed along in the book. This is what we call UDL. Chris is an engaged learner, he is accessing multiple representations, and will be provided multiple means of action & expression opportunities to share his learning; first and foremost, a book talk with Trey and a shared Google Doc to record thinking. And, I'm not surprised that his interest has positively inspired his classmate, Trey, to follow in his footsteps with his book and audiobook The Hobbit! I'm delighted, and as Chris stated, "Let's have a toast and celebrate." I couldn't agree more, Chris! Thank you!

I love when passion spreads like wildfire... 
Presenting - Vinny! Reading and listening to Wonder by RJ Palacio.

1:30 pm and still going...!